We are pleased to provide milk in Moons and Rockets classes through Cool Milk. 

Milk is provided free of charge to those children who are under the age of 5. 

If your child is over 5, please register with Cool Milk (see the link below) and pay for your child's milk or alternatively fill in the Coolmilk form on this page and return to the school office.

By registering your child for our school milk scheme they will receive a 189ml (third of a pint) carton of semi-skimmed milk every day. This is delivered fresh and chilled to their classroom every day.

“How much does it cost?”
Thanks to government subsidies, school milk is free for all children in receipt of Free School Meals and children under the age of 5.

“Why should I register my child?”
School milk provides your child with essential nutrients such as calcium and protein, for strong, healthy teeth and bones. It is also rehydrating and energy boosting, helping to bridge the long gap between breakfast and lunch so children stay focused.

Find out the top ten reasons to drink school milk at Why drink milk?

“How do I register my child?”
If your child is under five-
1. The school registers all children under five with Cool Milk - Parents do not have to do anything.
2. Free milk will continue until the Friday before your child’s fifth birthday.

If your child is over five-
1. Go to Cool Milk Registration
2. Pay Cool Milk online, over the phone, at a local PayPoint or by cheque in instalments to suit you.  If registering online you can pay straight away, if using a registration form you will need to wait to receive a payment request.
3. Just pay by a Tuesday for your child’s milk to start the following week.

If you are in receipt of Free School Meals-
1. Pick up a form from school.
2. Once completed return your form to school who will arrange for your child to receive milk free of charge.

“How do I find out more?”
Visit Cool Milk or contact Cool Milk directly on 0844 854 2913.

Cool Milk