Please visit the links below for information from Lancashire about applying for admission to our school, moving schools or applying to Secondary school


The links will give you information about the dates for application and the procedures you need to follow:


School Admissions Lancashire

Starting Primary School information Lancashire

Starting Secondary School Lancashire

Changing Schools during the school year Lancashire


If you would like your child to attend Seven Stars Primary School, please see full details of our admission arrangements below and the links to Lancashire County Council’s website above which contains full admission information and the on-line application form. 


The Pupil Access Team at Lancashire County Council deal with all admissions. 


HOWEVER if you would like your child to start at our Nursery (Moons) then please get in touch with the school office on 01772 422503

We accept children from the term in which they turn 3 years old.

You can find out more about our fabulous Nursery (which offers part-time OR full-time hours with our very experienced teacher and staff) at the following link: Nursery (Moons) at Seven Stars


If you need help accessing or completing the online application form contact the customer access centre:


Please note that applications are to be made online


School admissions open on 1 September 2023 for children due to start primary or secondary school in September 2024. 


The closing date for primary school applications for September 2024 intake is 15th January 2024

(parents will be informed of school allocation by Lancashire by 16th April 2024)


The closing date for secondary school applications for September 2024 intake is 31st October 2023

(parents will be informed of Secondary school allocation by Lancashire on 1st March 2024)


If you have missed any of the above dates do not panic but please get in touch with our school office for help or phone the number above


If you live in Lancashire you must follow Lancashire County Council’s application process, even if any of your preferred schools are outside Lancashire. You must apply for a place at a primary school, even if it’s linked to your child’s nursery, or your child’s brother or sister is already at the school.  Please see the Lancashire County Council information for parents booklet below for further details and our Admissions policy:



We invite any prospective parents to contact the school (01772 422503 or email to arrange a tour of school and have the opportunity to talk to staff about our wonderful school.  We do not hold open days since we prefer to make one to one arrangements with parents/carers so that we can chat about your child, their needs and interests, and answer any specific question you may have.


In order to make the starting of school as easy as possible, once you have accepted a place at Seven Stars Primary, we will arrange an afternoon or evening meeting (you will have a choice) for parents and invite you to attend. 


This will be an opportunity to meet other parents of our new starters, the EYFS staff who will be teaching your child, the Headteacher, Chair of Governors, The Out of School Care Club, Pupils from our School Council, Kitchen and Office Staff. We will give all the information you need at that meeting.


At this meeting you will be given a list of Pre-School Visit Sessions for your child to attend.  You are welcome to attend the first few of those sessions with your child, staff will discuss your child’s development with you at those sessions. 


We ask that you leave your child in class for the final sessions and collect at the end. 


As part of getting to know your child our EYFS staff will also visit your child in their current nursery setting unless they already attend Seven Stars school Nursery.


In September, Reception children start school on the first day of term, but start times will be staggered to ease the children gently into the day and ensure that assessments can be carried out so we can establish a learning environment that matches the unique needs of the cohort (each year the children and cohort are different in their interests and needs)


We look forward to meeting you - please get in touch if you have any questions at all


STARTING AT SEVEN STARSmid-year (i.e. applying for a place in any year group at any time) 


The revised DfE guidance issued in May 2021 requires Local Authorities to co-ordinate in year applications for all schools for which it is the admission authority, irrespective of the year group.

The requirements of the new Code can be found on pages 27 to 29.  (see the link below to the DfE School Admissions Code)

As the Admission Authority for Community Primary schools, Lancashire Authority (not the school) will co-ordinate in year admissions where a parent/guardian requires a school place.

Seven Stars Primary school will direct all admission enquiries for any year group to the Local Authority.  We as a school cannot legally offer any school places, all offers must be made by the Pupil Access Team. The Area Education Office for South Ribble can be found at the following link:

Area South Pupil Admissions enquiries

OR Phone enquiries: 01772 532 109 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Closed for bank holidays.)


DfE Admissions Code