“The Premium can act as a focal point as schools plan and put in place the strategies that will help their students succeed” - Sir Kevan Collins
(Education Endowment Foundation)

Pupil Premium is funding directed to schools specifically to support pupils who are, or have been, in receipt of free school meals, children of armed forces families and children who are looked after by the local authority. Our school is committed to supporting all pupils but especially those pupils who are deemed to be at a disadvantage educationally. We have a good track record of supporting pupils who need that support the most and we will continue to target this funding at areas of disadvantage to ensure that all children can achieve.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2022-23

Our pupil premium allocation for the current financial year is £168, 865

Our Recovery Premium allocation for the current financial year is £17, 653

The priorities for our eligible learners for this academic year (based on key barriers to learning) are:

1. Continuing to improve attainment of pupils in Phonics, Reading, Writing and Maths

2. Continue to improve attendance and punctuality in order to maximise opportunities for learning and school engagement

3. Increase engagement in wider opportunities and extra-curricular activities (improving cultural capital)

4. Improving mental and emotional well-being of pupils increasing confidence and  resilience

We will measure our progress towards the above intentions through:

  • Pupil progress meetings
  • Data analysis
  • Monitoring and evaluation procedures
  • Pupil Voice
  • SEN intervention impact meetings
  • Strengths and Weaknesses questionnaires and Boxall Profiles

Our next review of the pupil premium strategy will be carried out in Autumn 2023 and on an ongoing basis

Pupil Premium