Outdoor Learning

Research shows that when children learn outside they are often more engaged, their language skills improve and they develop confidence.

We are exploring ways of using our brilliant school grounds more and more to support children's learning.

Mrs Wheatland is leading our outdoor curriculum and each class will get the chance to go outside for a few weeks in the year on a Thursday afternoon to do curriculum-based outdoor activities (e.g. gardening, science, team-building, design skills, writing outside)

The key objectives in learning outside are:

  • enhancing and developing the curriculum (including outdoor science and awareness of environmental issues)
  • building character through team-building activities and projects that promote our school values of resilience, determination and tolerance
  •  developing communication skills and listening skills and increasing vocabulary

We are also looking at ways to transform our playtimes and will be launching a new way of doing playtimes in November. It may involve children getting a bit muddy at times but we will warn you if that is going to happen.

In addition to the above we will be taking the children outside to explore our superb grounds including the amazing 'swishy swashy' grass which is home to all sorts of spiders, grasshoppers and many many insects. The variety of plant life is amazing and the children have also already helped to plant over 100 trees thanks to our links with the Leyland Community Network.

We will take lots of photos as our outdoor learning curriculum develops but we are very excited about the months to come.




Our Year 4 children over Autumn 1 explored animals classification in the outdoors and developed observational skills outside exploring the insects and plants in our outdoor areas


Our Year 5 children have been considering the properties of materials and developing team-building skills in the process.