Welcome to Seven Stars - SUPERSTARS!

We are delighted that your child has been offered a place in our wonderful Seven Stars Reception ('Rockets') class and we are looking forward to meeting them and you.


We hope that the information on this page will answer many of the questions that you have about your child's time with us at Seven Stars school.


Thank you to all those parents who managed to come along to our welcome meeting this week and if you were not able to make it along please get in touch and we will do our best to arrange a visit and a chat with you to make sure your child's transition to our wonderful school is successful and happy.


Mrs Halstead will send out further details about School Money (as this is something that parents asked about at the meeting)  


This web-site page will be updated with information as it is needed, but in the meantime, if you wish to talk to someone, please call the school on 01772 422503. We will also set up a Class Dojo page for you once your child has started with us.


Key Information



Mrs Dickinson will be your child’s teacher Monday to Thursday and Mrs Hollinghurst will teach your child on Fridays (with support from Miss Williams)

Mrs Hollinghurst is our very experienced Early Years Leader (and will be in the Superstars throughout the week teaching in Nursery ‘Moons’ class from Monday to Friday)

Mrs Dickinson has lots of experience teaching both Reception and Year 1 (so she knows exactly what the children need to learn for their academic future)

The ‘Rockets’ (Reception) class will also be supported by Miss Williams, Ms Refroy, Miss Hodgkiss and Miss Stafford who are all nurturing and experienced Early Years practitioners.


Mr Mitchell is the Head teacher and often pops in to see how things are going and say hello


Mrs Wright is our Family Support Manager and is available for any families who need any kind of help with anything at all (and will often be on the gate or playground at the start of the day greeting children and families)


Mrs Walsh is our school SENCo (and Deputy Head) and can offer additional advice and support to parents of children with Special Educational Needs (including EHCPs)



Our Reception (‘Rockets’) children wear green jumpers/cardigans (unlike the rest of the school who wear red jumpers/cardigans.

They can wear polo shirts (non-branded) and most children wear white polo shirts but it is ok to wear green or black or blue.

They can wear grey or black trousers/skirts/shorts (or grey or gingham dresses)

Please label all clothes items

If you are struggling for uniform please let us know (01772 422503 to talk to the office or ask for Mrs Wright)

We also ask for children to bring in a pair of wellies (and coat/all-in-one when it is wet/cold) as they will be going out in all weathers (which is part of the Early Years curriculum expectations)

The PTFA will buy a book bag for all children starting in Reception (so you do not need to purchase one)

Green jumpers can be purchased from Impressions uniform store 01772 431431


250 Leyland Lane

Opening hours
Mon 12-5pm
Tue 12-5pm
Thu 12-5pm
Fri 12-5pm
Sat 10.00-3pm
Sunday Closed

Impressions Uniform



Please make sure you have provided all the information we need about your child and ensure you have updated any mobile/contact numbers (especially if they have recently changed from the original information provided) and let us know of any allergies/medical conditions



(7.30am - there is a breakfast club for anyone who need it - see below)


8.45am Parents come in through the black gate off the path by the road (near the main field and temporary classes) and along the path onto the playground. Wait by the blue gates near the Reception area (staff will be around on the playground to help you or ask another parent if you need help – everyone is very friendly!)


8.50am A member of the Early Years team will greet you at the blue gate and take your child to their coat peg and into class (where they will have a settling in activity with a member of staff) – we encourage parents to leave their children with the staff at the blue gate so we can help the children with their independence skills (they’ll be fine and will get used to it very quickly)


9am the gates are closed and anyone arriving late will need to go to the main entrance to the school (please try to be on-time as it upsets the children if they are late)


Reception (‘Rockets’) children will have access to snacks throughout the day (children can bring in their own bottles of WATER only to school – with name marked on the bottle)


Over the morning they will ‘get busy’ with their learning which will including Phonics Shed (see the link below), Maths, Reading and lots of other exciting adventures in discovering all about the world and learning how to share, make friends and grow in confidence and understanding of the world


12noon the children will go to the main hall where they will either have their own packed lunch or school dinner (menus will be posted on the school web-site and newsletter) which is free to all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2


Most children will then play out in our OPAL lunch areas (see the school web-site OPAL page for more details) until 1pm


1pm the children will continue with their adventures in learning


3.15pm The black gate will be opened for parents to come onto the main playground where you can wait by the blue gates for your children to be released to you by the Reception (‘Rockets’) staff (please do not crowd round the gate and be patient as we will not just let the children run out onto the main yard without checking someone we know is there for them)


3.25pm The children finish their school day and will be released to each parent/adult (if it is an adult that does not usually collect them please tell the school/staff beforehand or your child will not be released until we have confirmation that we can do so from you)


Class Dojo


We need EVERY parent to sign up to the Class Dojo app (if you’ve not done so already)

Class Dojo is our way of keeping in touch with parents and ensuring good communication between home and school.


We use Class Dojo for the following:


  1. to send and receive private messages to parents (that no-one else can see) e.g. if your child has done something amazing or if there has been an issue in school
  2. to send out whole class or whole school messages and information (e.g. special events, whole class achievements, school newsletters)
  3. to put up homework or curriculum information
  4. to receive messages from home about any achievements or issues

(Staff will check and reply to Class Dojo messages between 8am and 5.30pm but not before or after those times and not at weekends or in the holidays)


Breakfast and After-School Clubs


Fees and Times

Seven Stars Primary School offer a breakfast and after school club facility and these are both chargeable to parents. 


Breakfast Club (from 7.30am) is charged at £4 per day with a selection of breakfast items offered.


After School Club (till 5.30pm) is charged at £7.00 per day and children are given a snack and a drink.


Parents should advise school of any food allergies, intolerances or specific dietary requirements.



These are to be made through our online payment system School Money (Eduspot) where we ask you to book and pay in advance.  Bookings can be made up to the day before.  The only exception to this is if you pay through the voucher system where we allow you to reserve the sessions and then once payment is received we will apply this to accounts. 


Alternatively, you may book through the school office who are able to take a card or cash payment. (Card payments are preferred due to limited opening hours at the bank to pay in cash).


If you do not have a School Money login, please contact the school office who can send you a password link to set this up.




You might be entitled to apply for additional Pupil Premium Grant which will provide more money to the school for educating your child with additional resources.


Please visit the site below to find out if you are eligible for this additional benefit:

Pupil Premium Grant information


Useful Website Links

The links below have some useful resources to support with transition.




Tiny Happy People helps parents to develop their child’s communication skills. It offers simple activities and play ideas to help parents find out about their amazing early development. www.bbc.co.uk/tiny-happy-people



Phonics Shed is the scheme that we use to help our children master the essential basics for reading and writing. It is a fun scheme and you can find out more information on our Phonics Shed page on the school website:


Phonics Shed information


Working together


More than anything it is so important that we as a school work closely with you as a parent to achieve the best possible outcomes for your child.


We know they are going to have a wonderful time at Seven Stars and all our children thoroughly enjoy their time with us from Early Years to Year 6


We love seeing them progress and delight in their learning.


If you have any questions at all please get in touch